Upgrades and Retrofits

DEMACO machines last a very long time. The core components retain a very high value almost indefinitely. As a result, we can upgrade your DEMACO machines with the latest technology. Customers have told us that in most cases a 1970’s and 1980’s DEMACO extruder is more dependable with lower maintenance load than a new machine from other manufacturers. With a reasonable investment, upgrading your older DEMACO machine is often your highest value option.


Some of our most popular upgrades:

  • Updated electrical and PLC system with upgraded software
  • Over-bored and extended extrusion units for higher output per RPM
  • High efficiency screws
  • Generation II premixers
  • New feed systems  – volumetric or gravimetric
  • Hardened cylinder liners
  • ControlX automatic mixer control
  • Hydraulic screw push-outs
  • Specialized cutting devices


Speak with your DEMACO representative for a machine audit and recommendations. Call +1 321.952.6600 for more information.

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